Jordan’s story, write to you for a detour

Is life really straight? A straight life, really happy? Life is not necessarily every step to go straight, because there are things we must do on the detour.

After winning the NBA championship in 1993, Jordan, which already had three championship rings, began to feel that basketball career became dull, “there is nothing to challenge.” Jordan’s enthusiasm for basketball began to decline.

In August 1993, Jordan’s father, James, drove to the funeral of a friend. On the way back, he parked the car in a small town. Two young criminals stared at the car, robbed and shot him.

Bad news came, Jordan into a devastating blow.

Jordan and his father’s relationship is unique. They are like father and son, and like brothers, they will play golf together, chat clubbing, and even occasionally go with a small bet.

One year before his father died, they had talked about playing baseball. His father said to him: “Do not play basketball, why not try, give baseball a chance?” That is his father taught him the first movement.

The father’s departure pushed the idea of ​​what Jordan wanted to do. His choice is in a sadly retired, six months later, he began a baseball player’s career.

Jordan did not live up to his father’s expectations, he took the basketball seriously and effort doubled to the baseball field: he is the most hard on the baseball field.

“Every day, he is the first to reach the stadium, and the last one to leave.” His coach said. Jordan will arrive at 6 am every day at the stadium, practice their own, before the teammates to do some training. Then practice batting back to lead 34 ounces (0.96 kg) of heavy bat 300 to 400 times. After the day ‘s training, Jordan will say to his batting coach, “Can we practice for a while? I think I’ve got started.

Such efforts of Jordan, is not as some of the master said, life without limit, efforts will be able to succeed?

Unfortunately, it is not really. April 8, 1994, Jordan for the first time to participate in professional baseball game. But a season down, he participated in the 127 games, hit the success rate of only 20.2%; 30 times the theft, 114 times was striking out. 436 batting only played three home runs, 50 effective hitting. The results hovering in the legend of baseball to defeat the bottom line “door more cable” near.

People criticize this, there are sports weekly with his cover: “Jordan let baseball embarrassed.” Another part of the people said: “At least he was trying.” For these voices, Jordan, that once in order to win desperate Of Jordan, how does he see himself?

Coach, a little worried about Jordan, he asked: “how do you feel?” Jordan said: “I get up every morning, give yourself breakfast, and then open the car, to the court began morning training .At the way a person did not, I see Look at the position next to me and see my father.I will talk to him and say, ‘Daddy, we are playing baseball together Oh’ “Jordan deeply enjoys this serenity, his baseball career is dedicated to his father , Is not wonderful, but very warm.

In the first two years of his father’s departure, he re-touched his own life on the basketball court can not touch the temperature. Jordan’s career out of a huge curve, his father left to let him face other dimensions of life, he decided to follow their own heart, for their own and his father to play two years of the ball. Who can say that the two years of Jordan, that in the basketball court like a god to visit, but in the baseball field around the wall, gray-headed Jordan, his fingers, did not wear their own hearts champion ring?

Career without a straight line, when you see a person in the height, the depth of no development, maybe he is not in the fall, he is just filling their own inner dimension, find their own balance.

Many people do not understand this truth, they think that if a person has neither ascended nor become more professional, it must be doing nothing, do not work. In fact, perhaps that person is you can not see the dimension of efforts to challenge their own limits, practice their own skill.

Jordan almost focused on all the reasons that can be successful: for the father of the expedition, the desire for victory, no doubt that a strong self-control, than others are trying to invest, as well as excellent athletes talent. But this can not let him beyond the personal limits, a baseball player. A person a lifetime, perhaps only in a field to become a very expert.

What is Jordan’s harvest?

I think Jordan’s harvest has three. The first is the father’s wish has been, he can feel at ease playing basketball. The second is his baseball field in a profound re-understanding of their basketball talent. Third, he understood the failure, more cherish the success.

As the Bulls head coach Jackson said: “I want to play baseball experience is to let him return to the basketball court on the reasons he understood his talent, in the (basketball) this sport, he and so “Do you dare say that this is not a great success?”

So back to the beginning of the article, I think you are the same as me, can be very firm to answer that question: If Jordan did not play two years of baseball, then he might only take three championship rings.