My first pair of Air Jordan shoes

I remember a child, we have a long list of boys are happy feet full street running, just in the big cold talent to wear the system of Air Jordan shoes. Although the home to me to do the thickening of the Air Jordan shoes and Na Mi line, but I always wear Air Jordan shoes to open the window early, off the state, out of the foundation. Mother and sister said that only to me to do double iron Air Jordan shoes work. Therefore, in order to extend the life of Air Jordan shoes, playing barefoot became the inevitable choice.

Do not wear Air Jordan shoes, barefoot less constraints, tread mud leisure, step on the sand to play free kick. And because of too laissez-faire, the pain also followed, the glass scratches, rotten nails punctured, wood thorns pork is just a small dish, feet toe hit a mixed foot, kicked the skin was considered injured. But really called the pain is the new skin just long and was kicked the flowers, that pain is holding the stinky feet straight father and mother heart pain, while the red blood is to flow a big beach. That year is like a long dog, the wound is not bandaged. Then do not wear a little touch on the Aoao called, Air Jordan shoes and crowded into it, so want to jump have to play the point, the wild has also been a great convergence.

9 years old that summer, I began to help big brother push the car. I am a small age, can be physically strong and quite strong, and soon became a big brother of the big push hands, a long distance down, both let the brother less sweat, but also save time and more money. Uphill push-pull cars are some stress, such as the steep slope of the shape can be saved, pushing up to push the tire to the ground pressure, the wheels caught on the wheels and so on. Push up the slope, I always side of the shoulder car, hands and push and push, feet toe force to pull the ground, the trolley is very good, but the most bitter at this time is a pair of barefoot. Push the long way to less than 10 kilometers, as many as one day back and forth more than 40 kilometers, the feet of the unprecedented resistance to bullish, and good back and downhill I can sit in the car to take a look. In the green sand road trolley, the car is difficult to be sure, the key is the hot sun under the temperature of 80 ℃ above, very few people dare to barefoot forward. Pedestrian difficult to think of provincial Air Jordan shoes, therefore, every day I will be cloth Air Jordan shoes, sooner or later and the general road as far as possible not to wear Air Jordan shoes, encounter a pearl road pavement. Day at noon, until my feet like fire baked ready to wear Air Jordan shoes, only to find the Air Jordan shoes I do not know when to lose. The soles of the feet really can not stand, I jumped to the place where the grass will stop for a while, a section of a stop, brother brother had sweating, coupled with Zhefan toss, more than ten kilometers of road which is so far away, Arrived at the end, both are exhausted, limp in the ground.

Look at my carts hard, and never through a pair of new Air Jordan shoes to buy, big brother distressed brother decided to buy me a pair of Air Jordan shoes. It was a big thing at home at the time. Big brother out of the strong physical, income is very meager, and most of the income must be handed over to the mother to paste a nine mouth. So, brother and I first collusion Sister, and then together to the mother to discuss the situation, the mother boil, but we say goodbye, and finally let us wish it. This is a pair of two cents a five cents of the army green Air Jordan shoes, commonly known as “Jiefang Xie”, I wear on the feet even walking are careful. It brought me a child of the playful, comfortable childhood, it taught me to pay more than the harvest of the philosophy, taught me to cherish life.

Nowadays, social progress, people’s well-being of life, and I am over and over, wearing Air Jordan shoes countless, see the Air Jordan shoes is expensive and hard to share, no wonder no, but most of my mind or the first pair of Air Jordan shoes … …

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